How many processes are ready for digitalization?

September 15, 2022 | Robotic Process Automation

In 2022, start your process automation journey with a free RPA process assessment.

We talked about RPA in the past in our blog posts and through meetups. This is an industry that continues to revolutionize the workplace. The RPA software market has boomed in recent years and there are more than 4 million software robots doing the repetitive tasks for us. Executives no longer see RPA as an automation toy, but rather as a tool, which definitely reduces the operational cost and speeds up your processes.

Is your daily work RPA ready?

On average, 35% of our daily work are actually repetitive tasks, which could easily be mimicked by software robots. Opening emails and attachments or sending confirmations, copying and moving files, transferring data between apps or printing documents, to name a few. Check out our RPA landing page for more.

Nobody knows what your work looks like better than you. This is why we invite you to do the RPA process assessment. Answer a series of yes & no questions. The more often you answer with a yes, the more your process is RPA-ready.

A disruptive solution for your process nightmare is an enterprise-grade RPA platform, with built-in artificial intelligence for a simple deployment of software robots. One of its major characteristics is the simplicity of development which is implemented in the web process designer. The platform can be deployed on-premise, in hybrid model or in cloud.

Organizations focusing on cost reduction, operational excellence, and regulatory compliance might find as a flexible, low-investment, less complex alternative to traditional solutions like outsourcing, offshoring, process improvement, and system transformation.

With a dedicated team of experts, emphasizes the human-robot collaboration and a transparent pricing. To find out more about our partners products and services, please click here.

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