Three Most Exciting Changes In MicroStrategy 2019

February 19, 2019 | Data Management | Slavko Kastelic

MicroStrategy announced exciting changes in MicroStrategy 2019. The new release of its business intelligence platform was annouced on its World conference, held in Phoenix, AZ. I was once again surprised by its disruptive nature.

MicroStrategy 2019 includes all the best features from past with an addition to a disruptive, revolutionary paradigm called Hyper-Intelligence. Federated Analytics and Transformational Mobility are other two major new features. 

So let’s dive a bit deeper in each of them. These exciting changes in MicroStrategy 2019 are:

1)    HyperIntelligence 

HyperIntelligence is a new, disruptive category of analytics that adds personalised, zero-click intelligence to every word, object, place, room, and wall. It completely transforms how people consume analytics – they no longer need to actively search for answers, because now the answers find the user. Moreover, users get the answer before they even ask any questions at all.

HyperIntelligence instantly scans every word on every webpage and web application. When users hover over highlighted words, HyperCards with full of real-time insights pop up. HyperIntelligence also uses device cameras to inject HyperCards onto products and objects in front of the user. And it superimposes HyperCards onto buildings and places nearby.

2)    Federated Analytics 

MicroStrategy 2019 opened the metadata for Tableau, PowerBI, and Qlik to bring enterprise security, scalability, and performance to them. They connect to analytics via the MicroStrategy Enterprise Semantic Graph. Enterprise Semantic Graph includes consolidated business glossary, query performance, and an adaptive in-memory architecture.

3)    Transformational Mobility 

MicroStrategy 2019 lets people work with mobile productivity apps tailored to any business function or role, on smartphones and tablets. Apps can be built with Mobile dossiers or drag-and-drop principle for branded custom apps. These apps mobilize any system, process, or application or Customized development with SDKs for iOS and Android.

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