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Speed up Tableau with Exasol

November 9, 2020

Speed up Tableau with Exasol and say goodbye to slow performances forever. Tableau is a well-known data visualisation tool that has been around since 2003. It has a large customer base and products that generate graph-type data visualizations. The company was acquired by Salesforce for $15.7 billion in August 2019. Salesforce thus fulfilled its strategic ...

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November 9, 2020 is an enterprise-grade RPA platform. Its emphasis lies on simplicity and human-robot collaboration. The digital workers or “robots” imitate the work of their human counterparts. They do so completely unattended and with machine learning and neural networks they also have cognitive capability. Using AI simplifies the build process or a robot and at the same ...

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Automation in the Manufacturing industry

October 15, 2020

“Smart” changes in the modern world didn’t bypass the manufacturing industry too. Today`s smart factories are unimaginable without 3D smart printers or Internet of Things (IoT) machinery. These modern systems help companies accelerate process orders, manufacture products, and ship to customers faster. Managers and leaders can improve core business processes and stay ahead of competitors ...

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Exasol 7 Overview

August 10, 2020

Exasol Version 7 has improved performance, flexibility, and data science capabilities in key areas it is now even easier for you to run analytical models on even larger data volumes to find those business-critical answers and increase visibility. And this is all done at speed, so you don’t miss important business opportunities. With Exasol you transform your employees ...

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Why Most Business Users Decide For MicroStrategy

August 4, 2020

Only a decade ago, having a BI tool in the company was optional. Nowadays, choosing the right BI tool for your company plays a pivotal role, and many business users choose MicroStrategy. Over the last couple of months, we hosted 2 Webinars dedicated to MicroStrategy with 150 attendees overall. A majority of which use other ...

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RPA – Frequently Asked Questions

July 14, 2020

Companies across industries and over the world are implementing Robotic Process Automation software at an unprecedented rate. According to Gartner, this industry is about to hit a staggering €7-billion in 2020 alone and by the end of 2021, there will be an estimated 4 million robots in business environments. Since more companies are changing their mindset and ...

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