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DEMO: Translate Foreign Currencies in Financial Reporting

March 8, 2022

Multinational companies face the challenge of operating in various regions with different currencies. To ensure accurate financial reporting, they must report in the currency of the region where the majority of their cash is earned and spent, known as the functional currency. Foreign currencies need to be translated into the functional currency using appropriate exchange ...

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DEMO: Financial Reports in Multi-GAAP Environments

March 1, 2022

For companies that are part of an international group operating in countries where both IFRS and GAAP standards are utilized, preparing financial reports in multi-GAAP becomes necessary. This allows them to comply with reporting standards by providing reports to the national regulator under local GAAP and to the group under IFRS (or vice versa). In ...

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DEMO: Step-Down Cost Allocation in Multiple Steps

February 22, 2022

Proper cost allocation from the cost center (e.g., Administration where costs incur) to a profit center (e.g., Sales where profit is generated) is a crucial accounting task. The step-down cost allocation demo will illustrate how to use a step-down method in multiple steps to allocate general expenses to profit centers. In the second step, costs ...

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DEMO: Creating a Rolling Forecast

February 15, 2022

An accurate forecast is crucial when the supply of raw materials and products and their prices change completely chaotically. With rolling forecasts instead of traditional budgeting you will be able to increase accuracy and agility where you will be able to make quick responses to market conditions rather than accumulate mistakes until the next budget ...

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DEMO: What-if Scenario Planning And Analysis

February 8, 2022

What-if scenario planning is a valuable tool for assessing the potential impact of future events on a company’s business and results. As all business plans involve uncertainty, it is crucial to embrace these uncertainties and incorporate them into the planning process. What-if scenario planning and analysis enable organizations to prepare and evaluate likely scenarios with ...

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WORKSHOP: Build Dossiers that Delight and Inform

November 24, 2021

A 2-hour step-by-step workshop where we created an interactive dossier to showcase and explore business data through visualizations.

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