HyperIntelligence: Decisions need to be taken and data is the new gold so all industries can profit out of this tool

April 10, 2019

Last week we organized Zero-Click Analytics, a professional event where we introduced new and exciting features of MicroStrategy platform. HyperIntelligence, a tool that brings data analytics without a single click, has attracted more than 50 experts from companies in Slovenia and Adriatic, interested in the latest trends in data analytics.

 “In last decades, especially in the last few years, Business Intelligence was always focusing on making things easier for users. But the new approach of Microstrategy is bringing the answers to the customers directly, so you don’t have to log in, type any passwords or do any clicks. This is a really big step forward because decisions have to be taken in seconds and you don’t have time to click and analyze,” said our special guest Christoph Schmid, Account Executive at Microstrategy Austria. He also pointed out that there are no limitations on which companies need HyperIntelligence: “Decisions need to be taken and data is the new gold so all industries can profit out of this tool.” 

Our team of experts also introduced other new features of the platform. Our guests learned about Microstrategy Library and Dossier, a perfect combination that makes powerful analytics available to anyone, and about creating custom digital transformation apps, tailored to any business function so people can make better decisions on the fly with the help of Microstrategy Mobile. We also introduced a new interface, Workstation and Platform Analytics, which will replace Enterprise Manager.

Participants of Zero-Click Analytics appreciated the live presentations of MicroStrategy’s new features in practice. “I liked that we could learn from examples from practice and that it was not just another sales presentation. It is good to see how the tool actually works,” said Anton Horvatič from Merkur, where they already use MicroStrategy so they were interested in knowing all the new features of the platform. “Also the market situation is quite aggressive, so it is good to know if the existing solution provider is following the industry trends,” added Horvatič. 

Would you like to have a presentation about MicroStrategy platform? Contact us and we will organize it.

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