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ThoughtSpot Don’t BI, just search

May 15, 2018

Let’s face some inevitable facts. Search engines have revolutionized our daily lives by providing us the information we need on the fly. We have all heard of search engines such as Google, Opera, Bing, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The question that poses now is, how to use the same methods in our business decision-making? ThoughtSpot ...

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Fast Start with EXASOL – Fastest Analytic Database

March 30, 2018

Independent analyst and research companies are preparing yearly reports on different segments of IT technology and therefore also for Business Intelligence products. Two of them published in the last half of the year are from Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2018 and Forrester Research: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority On-Premises Deployments, ...

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Quickest Start With Fastest In-memory Analytic Database EXASOL

March 18, 2018

A lot of companies have performance, scaling and administration challenges with existing analytical environment including Oracle Exadata, IBM Netezza or PureData, Microsoft OLAP cubes or SAP Hana. The performance problems exist on both sides: EXASOL is solving both of these problems with the fastest analytic in-memory database on the market.Results are proven. But each entrusted to itself ...

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Analytics Today and Tomorrow

March 13, 2018

Business users more often than not judge their tools by their looks. Sure, a nice, appealing, and user-friendly interface is great to have. However, when it comes to analytics, the user interface plays only a minor part in the complete solution equation. Data, stored in one or many databases is a cornerstone for any analytics ...

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Consolidating BI Systems and Reporting

February 28, 2018

Topics discussed in this blog: Increasing BI Challenges Red flags BI environment assessment Existing or New BI Portfolio Reduce the Number of Reports Implement Business Communications Standards (IBCS) No Pain no Gain Increasing BI Challenges According to Gartner, BI Systems are for more than a decade the number one priority of IT priorities and investments where ...

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Best of MicroStrategy BI Platform

December 18, 2017

MicroStrategy, a modern leading, BI platform, has been organically developing for more than 20 years. More recent BI products are visually appealing, but they lack architectures suitable for use and integration with other systems. As a result, BI experts and their business users who are searching for solution systematically, consistently decide to choose MicroStrategy. Based ...

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