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Robotic Process Automation 101

March 19, 2022

The ultimate question is undoubtedly, “What is RPA?”. In a nutshell, its main purpose is to increase workplace efficiency. Robotic Process Automation 101 will give you a quick overview of the idea. RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is a simple solution to enhance your workflow by automating regular operations with bots (programmed robots) that conduct ...

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HyperIntelligence from MicroStrategy Makes You Smarter

March 3, 2022

MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence is the most innovative data analysis solution to hit the market in the previous decade, and it will make you hyper smart. The gap between traditional Business Intelligence and this new notion was so wide that neither potential customers nor independent analysts like Gartner, BARC, and Forrester saw its huge potential. The breakthrough ...

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Data Integration is not a stand alone project.

Data Integration Is Not a Stand-Alone Project

February 17, 2022

For a variety of reasons, data integration is not a stand-alone project. It is dependent on and includes other aspects of modern data management such as data quality, data modeling and architecture, and so on. 1. Data Integration Introduction For successful business, modern companies are increasingly relying on commercial information solutions such as ERP, CRM, ...

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Data Migration in 6 Steps

November 11, 2021

Data Migration Definition Data migration is a project where we move or copy data from System A to System B, and remove or decommission it in System A, like in application migration, storage replacement, systems or applications upgrades, disaster recovery. It should be as automated as possible, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks. Migrating data ...

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Need a Great Data Management Recipe? Look no Further.

May 4, 2021

If you need need a great data management recipe, you will find here. Data management is a complex field that is becoming even more complex. There are several factors at play, surely you know many of them, but we think that now is the right time to introduce the formal Data Management strategy within the ...

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Poor Data Management Will Get You In Trouble

April 20, 2021

Data is the modern capital. Therefore, you should treat it accordingly. But – do you? I am sure no company treats its data as well as they treat their money. Yet. Everybody knows that poor money management is a fast track to being broke. How about poor data management? Just the same. The explosion of ...

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